Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Remove Dandruff From Scalp Using Typical Ways

Do you know how to remove dandruff from your scalp in a natural way? I have some simple solutions for you at the later part. It is really an embarrassing, irritating issue on scalp because of bacteria. When it comes to extreme development of head skin scales, dandruff falls just like snow flakes on your shoulder area, hanging on the tips of your hair, eyebrows, and obviously visible on dark clothes. That's how dandruff bothers your life. But first, let me tell you some of the basic facts that you need to know about it.

How to Identify the Symptoms?
The signs of dandruff are frequently scratching all over the scalp, crusts around the scalp and lumps. It becomes reddish due to scratching.

How to Determine the Causes?
The main causes are any kind of weakening in your overall health, lack of nutrition from the food you eat, as well as any toxics in your body caused by wrong way of eating, and reduced stamina caused by a disease. Some other causes are psychological tension, artificial shampoos, direct exposure to freezing climate.

Obvious Answers to Your "How to Remove Dandruff from my Scalp" Questions
Even though, you will find variety of shampoos offered in the marketplace that helps remove dandruff, many of these products lead to permanent problems to your hair roots mainly because of some artificial substances added to them. Treating dandruff from scalp needs a lifestyle change if you desire a permanent treatment.

  1.  Personal hygiene. The main thing to consider in curing your dandruff is always to keep your head away from dirty substances to secure your scalp clean. This way can reduce the build up of greasy and dead cells.

  2. Comb your hair. Your hair needs to be brushed regularly to enhance the movement and get rid of any flakes from scalp. The best way to brush your hair would be to bend over forward from your waistline with your head towards the floor, and brush from neck's nape on the way to the very top of your head. Your shoulder length hair will be brushed from the roots up to the end in just one stroke. With regards to a long hair, 2 strokes work best to prevent stretching out the hair and scalp. That's how to exercise your hair and remove its dandruff from scalp but make sure not to cause irritation.

  3. Scalp Massage. You can also massage it on a daily basis using your fingers and working thoroughly on the head. Make this happen right before or right after brushing your hair. Just like brushing, this stimulates the flow, removes dirt, dandruff and stimulates the growth of hair. To get the suitable massage, spread out your fingertips fanwise and move them throughout your hair. Using your thumb, push behind your ears, massage your scalp using the tips of your fingers. At this point, make your fingers rotate to ensure that they slowly move the scalp on the bony shape of your head. You are going to feel the skin move plus the scalp will tingle. Go up one inch at any given time till you have covered the entire scalp. It's a quite simple process, and it will take a short time to execute.

How to Use Some Home Made Remedies to Remove Dandruff From Your Scalp?

Well, there are several home made remedies available in the entire process of treating this dandruff problem.
  1. 2 tbsps. of methi seeds is useful for this problem. Soak the seeds in the water for the entire night, and create a sticky substance from it. Put this sticky substance on your scalp equally each week, for best end result.

  2. Use a teaspoon of fresh new lime fruit juice for the last rinse, while cleansing your hair, is similarly beneficial. This not just results to shiny hair, it removes dandruff from your scalp and the stickiness too.

  3. Cleaning the hair two times a week with some powder in curd called green gram is yet another helpful prescription. Dandruff is easy to remove by massaging the curd on the hair for 30 minutes that has been stored outside for 3 days, or with some lime juice drops combined with amla juice each night, before you go to bed.